Design Director Alex Center Got a Masters in Branding at Coca-Cola

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Alex Center Got a Masters in Branding at Coca-Cola

The cool kids all want to work for niche studios. But not design director Alex Center. He loves operating in a mass play market. Over the last 10 years, he has experienced firsthand how the sheer size of a corporation like Coke impacts the design process — something he is able to contrast with his days at vitaminwater before its acquisition by Coca-Cola. Here Center talks about the way a designer can become a central part of a large brand’s journey over time in a way that is not possible for an agency. Full Article. 

Todd Hido: Finding Joy in the Process 

From the Archives: It's easy to think that accomplished artists simply arrive at great ideas. But that's far from true, says photographer Todd Hido. In this interview, Hido shares just how all over the place he can be when creating, offering a glimpse into how much effort he puts into his work to make it meet his high standards. Full Article. 


Protecting Your Creative Work in a Digital Age

Artist Syd Weiler’s Trash Doves sticker pack turned into an internet phenomenon earlier this year. That's when the nightmare began and people used it without permission. Here is what she learned about protecting your art on the internet. Full Article. 

Mira Nakashima:
No Shortcuts to Making Great Work
For 20 years, Mira Nakashima singularly focused on mastering the craft of woodworking alongside her father, her perfectionist teacher. After finally taking over the family’s studio, she looks backs and answers the question: Was the sacrifice worth it? Full Article. 
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