What We Learned at the 2017 99U Conference 

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What We Learned at the 2017 99U Conference 

At 99U, we talk a lot  about the creative community and there was no better representation of that than the audience, speakers, and partners of the 9th annual 99U Conference. Together, they represented 661 cities spread across six continents who traveled to New York City for three days and nights of speakers, Studio Sessions hosted by top creative organizations, and rollicking parties. To the 1,000 delegates who attended this year’s sold out event, thank you. And to those who are interested in attending next year, we’d love to have you. In the meantime, here are some of the best and brightest ideas we heard at the 2017 99U Conference. Full Article.

Dave Snyder: Art is Not Design

From the Archives: Firstborn executive creative director Dave Snyder has never believed that art is part of design. For him, the moment you bring in someone else’s interestslike a brand’sit becomes design, not art. Snyder has built his career around the concept of design being a great business strategy. Here he shares insights into the current state of digital design and the difficulties interactive designers face compared to print designers. Full Article.


Nobody's Better Than You

Mike Sager has learned that comparison and competition are enemies of the artist. Call it his Theory of Originals. There is you. There is your art. At the elemental level, nothing else matters. When faced with the burdening thoughts of not measuring up to your peers, Sager charges us to worry not about the competition. Instead, find what you do best. When the room is full or when the lines are long, form a line of your own. Be number one in a class of one. Full Article. 

One House, Two Opinionated Designers, and the Joy of Collaboration 
In 2001, David Kelley, flush with the success of his design firm, IDEO, asked iconic designer Ettore Sottsass to build him a house in the horsey foothills above Silicon Valley, and Sottsass agreed. What followed was an elaborate courtship as the 80-something Italian architect and the 50-something American client, each of whom casts a long shadow across contemporary design, circled and sparred, thrust and parried, and together created an extraordinary house. Full Article.
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