In Praise of the Home Office 

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In Praise of the Home Office

Mike Sager has spent the last 40 years plying his craft from his home office, working away on a 63-year-old desk that used to belong to his father. Here he reflects on what it's like to be responsible to, and responsible for, only himself in a place where the line between duty and pleasure is blurred. Full Article.

What Design Can Do: Spark Social Change 

From the Archives: In recent months, designers and the creative industry at large have notably been using their skills to resist and organize, to inform and educate. Here, four studios reveal the challenges of visualizing an activist movement and the problems in need of creative solutions when design is invested in change. Full Article.


An Abbreviated History of Design in Silicon Valley

From the global tech firms and independent agencies to the start-up scene and boutique studios, Silicon Valley has a greater concentration of designers than anywhere else in the world. So, how did this come to be? Barry Katz, who literally wrote the book on the subject, discusses the notable people, milestones, and ideas that led to Silicon Valley’s awakening as a design hub. Full Article.

How to Redesign an Airline

Winkreative, Tyler Brûlé's creative shop, has become something of an airline agency. Having renovated aircrafts for  Bombardier, Porter Airlines, André Balazs’ StndAir, and Swiss International Airlines, Winkreative is currently tackling Air Canada and its 300-plus fleet of aircraft as Canada’s flag carrier celebrates its 80th anniversary. We spoke with Maurus Fraser, their creative director, about what goes into redesigning an airline. Full Article.
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