Five Ways to Benefit from Embracing Spontaneity and Disorder

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These days it’s hard to avoid the admonishments of self-titled productivity gurus that we should take more control over our lives, our calendars, and in-boxes. We’re told we must reign in our wayward minds, rediscover the art of focus and plan, plan, plan. But author Tim Harford provides countless examples of creative and entrepreneurial minds soaring to their greatest heights through the exact opposite approach in his book Messy. Here are five key areas where you could benefit from allowing a little more extemporaneousness and disorder into your work. Full Article.

The Design Culture Calendar: June

We've combed through the world's most noteworthy cultural events happening this month. Visit Venice, Italy to see the late Danish artist Rita Kernn-Larssen's exhibit of Surrealist paintings whose blood-red and gray palette, gorgeous renderings, and arresting spatial play leave you wondering why she’s never been on your radar before. Or catch Brooklyn-based artist Mike Perry in New York City, as he takes up residence in the Gallery at the Ace Hotel this month in an event that is bound to be as exuberant, energetic, and colorful as the artist himself. Discover these and more. Full Article.


Ustwo Rethinks the Agency Business Model
For years, creative agencies have sold design advice only. But now studios are rethinking this approach, as it can leave them at the whims of clients and roller coaster economies. Here Ustwo co-owner Jules Ehrhardt explains how they have transformed their studio into a triple threat that generates revenue on multiple fronts. Full Article.

How to Run a Studio with Your Spouse
How do you build a successful career and strong marriage when your business co-founder is also your spouse? Triboro Design's Stefanie Weigler and David Heasty share what it is really like for a married couple to run a studio together, why they don’t sugarcoat their feedback on each other’s projects, and how it can be impossible to separate work life from home life. Full Article.
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