A Real-Life Education in Protecting Your Creative Work In a Digital Age 

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A Real-Life Education in Protecting Your Creative Work in a Digital Age

Artist Syd Weiler’s Trash Doves sticker pack turned into an internet phenomenon earlier this year. That's when the nightmare began. Weiler hadn't copyrighted her work, and people used it without permission. Here is what she learned about protecting your art on the internet. Full Article.

Todd Hido: Finding Joy in the Process

It's easy to think that accomplished artists simply arrive at great ideas. But that's far from true, says photographer Todd Hido. In this interview, Hido shares just how all over the place he can be when creating, offering a glimpse into how much effort he puts into his work to make it be of the highest level and where his is work is taking him now. Full Article.

Dopper wants to live in a world where we actively reduce single-use plastic waste, and everyone has access to safe (drinking) water.


Why Pride is Good 
Try to forget about the idea of pride as a deadly sin. If you recently suffered a disappointment – perhaps a design pitch was rejected, or your latest artwork commission fell through – and are feeling a distinct lack of pride, try not to bury this emotional discomfort. Instead, use it to motivate yourself to make the changes you need to turn things around. The latest research shows that pride can actually be a powerful stimulus for your creative work. Full Article. 

If I Had To Do It All Over Again 
We decided to throw this query out to designers of all stripes, from leaders at Airbnb and Shake Shack to those guiding bold studios like La Tortilleria: If you could look back at your career and rethink one of your big decisions, what would it be? And why? We were looking to commiserate. We were looking for a little wisdom. We got both. Full Article.

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