Creative Careers Demand Reinvention

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Creative Careers Demand Reinvention

Our work is not just work. We are what we do. Until our bread and butter skill is rendered obsolete by a new technology. Or our market dries up. Or…or…or. There are many reasons why we must reinvent ourselves throughout our careers. Mike Sager recounts his past 33 years searching new markets, sticking his foot in doors, and suffering rejection, all to come up with new ways to do the work he loves. Full Article.

Sophisticated Branding Aims to Make You Rethink Cannabis

As the marijuana industry begins to mature, purveyors recognize the need to separate themselves with distinct branding. The hand-painted signs, bad puns, and Rastafarian flags that once defined the industry are giving way to sophisticated design that abandons aging stoners in favor of more upscale clientele. Full Article.


Speaking the Right Language:
How to Communicate to Creators and Sellers 
Marisa Gallagher, Amazon Music's Digital Design and User Experience Lead, got an MBA mid-career to give her a background in both design and business. This has allowed her to bridge what often seems like an impassable ravine between those two communities. Her success should serve as a beacon to others: It is fantastically valuable to understand and be able to communicate with both creators and sellers. Full Article.

Gemma O'Brien: The Future of Typography is Human
Technological innovations will continue to wow and delight, but they'll also come and go. In the creative world there is no replacement for the human touch as Australian calligrapher Gemma O'Brien shows us. O'Brien likens creating live art to sport. "You can't just look away," she says. While an artist like an athlete, can practice a concept to perfect it, the actual performance forces an artist to take a leap into an environment where mistakes can't be airbrushed out. Here, O'Brien discusses why authenticity trumps perfection.
Full Article.

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