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May 2017 Issue
Jason Feifer
Dear Entrepreneur,

Our May cover story goes inside the mind of Reid Hoffman, the VC and co-founder of LinkedIn, who's known as one of the most thoughtful people in Silicon Valley. We wanted to understand how he helps entrepreneurs grow, and came away full of wisdom—but for me, nothing will top the words in these sentences: "Hoffman has a name for the mindset of the successful entrepreneur. He calls it permanent beta." Immediately after reading that, I grabbed a piece of paper, wrote "permanent beta" on it, and taped it to my wall. In two words, Hoffman sums up not just a good business strategy, but an entire life philosophy. We should never think of ourselves as finished products—because finished products can become outdated. Rather, entrepreneurs must always evolve, and must always reinvent. I hope that you, like me, are already excited to see what comes next.

Jason Feifer

Life in Permanent Beta with Reid Hoffman
Life in Permanent Beta with Reid Hoffman
He's the billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn, an investor, a mentor to many, and, starting in May, the host of a new podcast called 'Masters of Scale.' Here, Hoffman gives us an inside look at how he teaches entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses. Read More
Andrew Leonard

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