How to Redesign an Airline 

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How to Redesign an Airline

Winkreative, Tyler Brûlé's creative shop, has become something of an airline agency. Having renovated Bombardier, Porter Airlines, André Balazs’ StndAir, and Swiss International Airlines, Winkreative is currently tackling Air Canada and its 300-plus fleet of aircraft as Canada’s flag carrier celebrates its 80th anniversary. Here we spoke with Maurus Fraser, their creative director, about what goes into redesigning an airline. Full Article.

Featured 99U Conference Speaker: Venture's Irene Au

As Design Partner at Khosla Ventures, Irene Au advises the CEOs of the fund’s portfolio companies, and still finds time to achieve spiritual balance as a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach. This June, she joins us on the 2017 99U Conference stage in NYC to share her insights on improving the design industry. Learn more.

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Lauren Hom: From 9 to 5 to Digital Nomad
The best career is one where you take control. After a less-than-fulfilling stint in a industry she didn't enjoy, letterer Lauren Hom set out to remake her career. The result? A handful of successful side projects, steady client work, a book deal, and the gift of practicing her creative craft wherever she pleases. "Even if you like your job, there’s no reason a designer shouldn’t have a side project," says Hom. Full Article.
Rubén Sánchez: A Street Artist Comes of Age
The Spanish-born designer had no idea that illegally tagging the side of a train would lead to an art residency in Dubai. Sánchez shares the way the residency helped him evolve from a designer for brands to a full-time artist and discusses how painting a six-story mural almost killed him. Full Article.

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