Dave Snyder: Art is Not Design

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Dave Snyder: Art is Not Design
Firstborn executive creative director Dave Snyder, has never believed that art is part of design. For him, the moment you bring in someone else’s interestslike a brand’sit becomes design, not art. Snyder has built his career around the concept of design being a great business strategy. His current role is dedicated to pushing that process forward and helping brands like Pepsi and Mountain Dew, reposition themselves through good business solutions that are equally beautiful. Here he shares insights into the current state of digital design and the difficulties interactive designers face compared to print designers. Full Article.
Nobody's Better Than You

Mike Sager has learned that comparison and competition are enemies of the artist. Call it his Theory of Originals. There is you. There is your art. At the elemental level, nothing else matters. When faced with the burdening thoughts of not measuring up to your peers, Sager charges us to worry not about the competition. Instead, find what you do best. When the room is full or when the lines are long, form a line of your own. Be number one in a class of one. 
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99U Workspaces: Mother New York
When it comes to creative agency Mother New York, the company’s work matches its irreverent style. The entrance to their Manhattan office on the far west side in Midtown conveys that this isn’t your typical cubicle grid farm. Greeting visitors upon arrival are a series of hand saws nailed to a wall, a stuffed brown bear standing upright, a fleet of antique toy sailboats, and a ruby-red London telephone booth. Here we take a peek at this unique space and the people who operate it. Full Article.
Essential Steps to Making a Killer Portfolio
You have the ability to capture the attention of a creative director in a single glance of your portfolio, so it’s vital to get the details right. What is the most compelling way to curate your images? What are the important mistakes to avoid? To help you stand out, we’ve asked Behance’s Brand Director Mark Brooks what one should (and shouldn’t) do to create an eye-catching portfolio. Full Article.

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