An Abbreviated History of Design in Silicon Valley

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An Abbreviated History of Design in Silicon Valley

From the global tech firms and independent agencies to the start-up scene and boutique studios, Silicon Valley has a greater concentration of designers than anywhere else in the world. So, how did this come to be? Barry Katz, who literally wrote the book on the subject, discusses the notable people, milestones, and ideas that led to Silicon Valley’s awakening as a design hub.  
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What Design Can Do: Spark Social Change

In recent months, designers and the creative industry at large have notably been using their skills to resist and organize, to inform and educate. Here, four studios and projects reveal the challenges of visualizing an activist movement and the problems in need of creative solutions when design is invested in change.  
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Daniel Oduntan:
The Benefits of Taking a Longer Route
The bright side of taking an alternative course is that it allows you to pick up overlooked jewels other people haven’t picked up. Self-taught photographer Daniel Oduntan knows this well from navigating the daily challenges of living and creating with dyslexia. We spoke with 32-year-old Oduntan about teaching himself photography, the challenge of working creatively with dyslexia, and the benefits of having to take the longer route. Full Article.
Three Female Conflict Zone Photographers Share the Challenges of Frontline Work
Being a photographer covering conflicts, violence, and natural disasters on the ground is a harrowing job. Doing it as woman brings another layer of challenges to the job, but not quite in the ways one might think.   Here three women share their stories. Full Article.

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