The Creative Conundrum: Pursue Your Art or Get a “Real Job”

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Pursue Your Art or Get a "Real" Job?

Every creative has found themselves at the same career crossroads. One path leads where their heart desires. The other leads to "real" jobs. Writer Mike Sager has stood there too. Here he reflects on why he dropped out of Georgetown Law School to live the creative life. Full Article.

Speaking the Right Language: How to Communicate to Creators and Sellers

Marisa Gallagher, Amazon Music's Digital Design and User Experience Lead, got an MBA mid-career to give her a background in both design and business. This has allowed her to bridge what often seems like an impassable ravine between those two communities. Her success should serve as a beacon to others: It is fantastically valuable to understand and be able to communicate with both creators and sellers. Full Article
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Sam Stubblefield: Why Designers Must Think Like Contrarians
The Seattle-based architect Sam Stubblefield has helped design the headquarters for Google and Amazon. But as companies have added more OMG! amenities to their campuses, Stubblefield has developed into a bit of a contrarian. When someone asks him what is the next cool thing they can do to expand their office footprint, he replies with, What is the last thing you can do to avoid building? Here he shares why creatives must look at the world differently.  Full Article.
&Rosàs — Barcelona: Workspaces
When a recession hits, creative agencies usually take a huge plunge. But when an economic slowdown hit Barcelona, &Rosàs founder Jordi Rosàs saw an opportunity. He rented two underpriced floors of an old bank in the city’s historic Via Laietana neighborhood to establish a new airy workspace for his 18 employees. "My personal reason for opening this in 2002 was to have a place to work where my children were proud of me, a place where they could come and visit," says Rosàs. Here we share an inside look at their space. Full Article.

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