Sara Waiswa: Photographing a New African Identity 

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Sara Waiswa: Photographing a New African Identity 

Ugandan photographer Sarah Waiswa was born during dictator Idi Amin’s era, which forced her family to flee to Kenya shortly after her birth. This early, formative experience led Waiswa to become a self-described nomad, and exploring one’s connection to place is a central theme in her work. Here Waiswa shares the inspiration behind personal project, “Stranger in a Familiar Land,” the moment she realized it was time to make the leap to become a full-time artist, and the changing creative landscape in Africa.  Full Article.
The Design Culture Calendar: April 2017

We've combed through the world's most noteworthy cultural events happening this month. From the inaugural Honolulu Biennial, which brings together 30-plus artists from countries connected by the Pacific Ocean for a two-month festival of arts and culture in Hawaii, to the Carlos Cruz Diez show at the Savannah College of Art and Design that highlights the way the Franco-Venezualan artist aimed to challenge and change viewers’ perception of space, light, and color, to Rafael Y Herman's The Night Illuminates the Night installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, we’ve unearthed some of the best. Discover these and more. Full Article.

The Upside to Being a Designer Outside of New York City
Design firms may dominate big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and London. But people with innovative, creative ideas, and the skills to execute them come from all over. Who says you have to open your business in a major media market in order to be successful? Here’s how firms in Cleveland, Omaha, and Anchorage make their zip codes part of their gig-winning cultures. Full Article.
Designers on Design: Argo Design Creative Director Laura Seargeant Richardson
So often we charge ahead in our careers with a single-minded focus on our pursuits. In this new series, we slow down and ask designers to reflect on their relationship to the craft and explore what it means to them. Here creative director Laura Seargeant Richardson shares the lasting family memories that serve as a profound reminder as to why she made design her life’s work. Full Article.

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