If I Had to Do it All Over Again

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If I Had To Do It All Over Again 
We decided to throw this query out to designers of all stripes, from leaders at Airbnb and Shake Shack to those guiding bold studios like La Tortilleria: If you could look back at your career and rethink one of your big decisions, what would it be? And why? We were looking to commiserate. We were looking for a little wisdom. We got both. Full Article
Mira Nakashima:
There are No Shortcuts to Making Great Work
For 20 years, Mira Nakashima singularly focused on mastering the craft of woodworking alongside her father, her perfectionist teacher. After finally taking over the family’s studio, she looks backs and answers the question: Was the sacrifice worth it? Full Article.

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Designing the Next Generation of Condom Packaging 
There is a real need to make a next generation condom that is easier to use, stigma-free, and more visually appealing, but the product is tightly controlled by government guidelines. So what can condoms teach us about design, creativity, expression, and entrepreneurship in a field where innovation faces a regulatory roadblock? Turns out, quite a lot. Because when you all but can’t change the actual product, you’re forced to rethink everything around it. Full Article.
Laolu Senbanjo: How an Unlikely Nigerian Artist Landed His Designs in Beyoncé's Lemonade Album
When Laolu Senbanjo was born in Western Nigeria, his fate was already determined. His father was a lawyer, so he, too, would become a lawyer. Despite being groomed in the legal field, Senbanjo always chose art as his first love, which created tension within the family. Here we sat down with him to discuss how he overcame parental objection to pursue a career in the arts and how he caught the attention of Beyoncé to get his first big career break. Full Article.

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