How to Run a Studio with Your Spouse

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How to Run a Studio with Your Spouse

Triboro Design's Stefanie Weigler and David Heasty eat practically every meal together because, when you’re married, and business partners, that is just part for the course. But how do you build a successful career and strong marriage when your business co-founder is also your spouse? Weigler and Heasty share what it is really like for a married couple to run a studio together, why they don’t sugarcoat their feedback on each other’s projects, and how it can be impossible to separate work life from home life. Full Article.

The Design Culture Calendar: March Edition

This month, join the Savannah College of Art and Design as it celebrates the life and work of Franco-Venezualan artist Carlos Cruz Diez, with an exhibition that aims to challenge and change viewers’ perception of space, light, and color. Or visit Munich, where the Pinokotek der Moderne is showing a stunning body of Renger-Patzsch’s work that is being seen by the public for the first time on what marks the 50th anniversary of his death. Discover these and more cultural events around the world. Full Article

Maxx Burman: Trading in Blockbusters for Personal Creative Satisfaction
Maxx Burman, a Los Angeles-based matte painter and VFX supervisor, has digitally painted frozen tundras, alien environments, and other wild virtual landscapes for some of the world’s most prominent films. Here he shares why he has made the choice to step away from Hollywood and big titles to find projects with clients who let him inject his personal style into the work.  Full Article.
How to Expertly Define Your Ideas
A picture is worth a thousand words, so designers need to be well-versed wordsmiths. Here the Verdes team in New York City explains how clearly articulating your ideas streamlines communication, reduces time spent on group projects, and removes subjectivity. Full Article.

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