A Brief History of the Pencil, as told by a Pencil Aficionado 

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A Brief History of the Pencil, as told by a Pencil Aficionado 

Caroline Weaver, the owner of CW Pencil Enterprise, a specialty pencil shop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, has managed to make the dream of obsessives come true: What if this thing I love, this strange small thing, could be my job? For Weaver, that strange small thing is the humble pencil, and it has provided not only a business—celebrating its two-year anniversary this March—but a book as well, a history of the pencil entitled The Pencil PerfectFull Article

Featured 99U Conference Speaker: Design Matters’
Debbie Millman

As host of the pioneering Design Matters podcast, Debbie Millman has interviewed hundreds of the world’s most influential thinkers, and inspired the next generation of creatives. See her live on the 2017 99U Conference stage as she distills insights on persistence and the creative career. Learn More.
How One College Student Scored a Design Commission for the Director of Hamilton
There is a very fine line between perseverance and stalking when chasing what you hope to achieve next in your career. See how Fresno State graphic design student Dominic Grijalva danced along this line on the way to landing a dream project with Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tee-Rico. Full Article.
Ustwo Rethinks the Agency Business Model
For years, creative agencies have sold design advice only. But now studios are rethinking this approach, as it can leave them at the whims of clients and roller coaster economies. Here Ustwo co-owner Jules Ehrhardt explains how they have transformed their studio into a triple threat that generates revenue on multiple fronts. Full Article.

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