Gemma O’Brien: The Future of Typography is Human

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Gemma O'Brien: The Future of Typography is Human

Technological innovations will continue to wow and delight, but they'll also come and go. In the creative world there is no replacement for the human touch as Australian calligrapher Gemma O'Brien shows us. O'Brien likens creating live art to sport. "You can't just look away," she says. While an artist like an athlete, can practice a concept to perfect it, the actual performance forces an artist to take a leap into an environment where mistakes can't be airbrushed out. Here, O'Brien discusses why authenticity trumps perfection. Full Article.

Amos Kennedy Jr.: From Corporate Analyst to Modern-Day Artisan

At age 40, Amos Kennedy Jr. walked into a printing demonstration while on vacation in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and fell in love with a letterpress. Within five minutes, he decided to quit his job as a Chicago-based systems analyst for a AT&T and become a printer. Here we talk to Kennedy about his dramatic midlife career change, how the issue of race significantly impacts his work, and what it's like working by hand today. Full Article
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99U Workspaces: DHNNBuenos Aires
Distraction has reached new heights at the office of creative agency DHNN. Instead of trying to ignore buzzing group texts on your phone or the snacks in the company kitchen, imagine having to avoid the temptation to jump in the office pool? Full Article.
Why Every Artist Should Be a Great Storyteller
Expertly telling your story is the best kind of organic marketing you can do to promote your art because people care almost as deeply about how you create, as they do about the end product. Full Article.

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