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So often we charge ahead in our careers with a single-minded focus on our pursuits. In this new series, we slow down and ask designers to reflect on their relationship to the craft and explore what it means to them. Here creative director Laura Seargeant Richardson shares the lasting family memories that serve as a profound reminder as to why she made design her life’s work. Full Article.

Nalden, the entrepreneur with a single name is not a creative director, artist or designer, yet many of the people who fill these roles will immediately recognize him for the way he’s made their lives easier by inventing WeTransfer. Here he shares with us how he turned his one-time side project into a digital delivery service that is now used by 100 million people and counting. Full Article.

From the archives: Airbnb has come to a realization: Customers don't see the difference between design, engineering, and product development departments, so why should there be a barrier between these departments internally? Therefore Airbnb has started to bring all parties involved in a project together from its very beginning. VP of design Alex Schleifer shares the thinking behind Airbnb's methods. Full Article.

Editor's pick: As the new year kicks in to high gear, you have the ability to capture the attention of a creative director in a single glance of your portfolio, so it’s vital to get the details right. What is the most compelling way to curate your images? What are the important mistakes to avoid? To help you stand out, we’ve asked Behance’s Brand Director Mark Brooks what one should (and shouldn’t) do to create an eye-catching portfolio. Full Article.


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