The Best And Worst Of Everything In 2011: A Mega, Meta Mashup

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Fast Company image The Best And Worst Of Everything In 2011: A Mega, Meta Mashup

We hacked through dozens of year-end lists--and, yes, checked them twice--to bring you our curated best and worst of 2011. Here's the mother of all roundups that you will find online, offline, and everywhere else. Each line is taken from those other year-end lists.

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Fast Company image Business Isn't As Profitable As Betterness

In an excerpt from his new book "Betterness: Economics for Humans," Umair Haque looks at the trends that should be pushing businesses to create more than profits--if they know what's good for them.

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Fast Company image The 22 Best Infographics We Found In 2011

As infographics go mainstream, infographic designers grow bolder. Some of the most tantalizing projects we came across this past year stretched our understanding of what a data visualization can be.


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Fast Company image How To Make The Most Of The Post-Holiday Lull

What can you get out of a week where nobody's around? New clothes, new perspective, and a healthier, more productive schedule, for starters.

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Fast Company image The Leadership Hall of Fame

We have spent a year looking at the most influential business books and authors. Here is a complete syllabus for an education in being a leader. Which are your favorites? And which leadership classics did we miss?

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Swedish Citizens To Control The Country's Official Twitter Account

Swedish Citizens To Control The Country's Official Twitter Account

The Swedish government is letting a different citizen every week write for @sweden to increase tourism.

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Best Buy Offers A Tech Support Twitter Feed

Best Buy Offers A Tech Support Twitter Feed

The large retailer has received positive feedback on its social media initiative.

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Best Of The 2011 NYC Holiday Retail Windows

Best Of The 2011 NYC Holiday Retail Windows

The standout designs featured creatively used materials and radical style departures.

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Mobile Game Entices Theme Park Attendees With Exclusive Access [Future Of Gaming]

The Skip The Line mobile application combines location-based gaming with exclusive access and rewards at Six Flags Amusement Parks.

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Marketers ‘Gamify’ Brand Loyalty Rewarding Online Engagement [Future Of Gaming]

Crowdtap is a web-based network that enables marketers to connect with their most engaged consumers online and reward them with VIP access for active participation.

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Sports Team ‘Gamifies’ Website To Reward Team Loyalty [Future Of Gaming]

The L.A. Kings is rewarding fans with exclusive access for their loyalty and interaction with its brand online.

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Game Uses Klout Scores To Determine Party Invitees [Future Of Gaming]

Bal Harbour Shops is a luxury shopping center in Florida that hosted an invite only Fashion's Night Out party as determined by Klout influence scores.

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Game Mechanics That Drive People To Action: Exclusive Access

Games are bringing the idea of 'leveling up' to the real world and brands and organizations are linking in-game achievements to a corresponding increase in social standing.

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Game Uses Employees’ Carbon Footprints To Determine End Of Year Bonuses [Future Of Gaming]

Suitability Momentum (Sumo) is a program from UK software developer CloudApps that accurately monitors an employee's carbon footprint to determine their end of year bonus.

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Wearable Smart Meter Turns Fitness Into A Rewarding Game [Future Of Gaming]

Switch2Health (S2H) offers a simple, wearable technology that keeps track of an individual's fitness achievements and provides incentives through a scalable platform that rewards healthy behavior.

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AR App Layers Interactive Virtual Game Onto Physical World [Future Of Gaming]

'Buffer Busters' is an augmented reality mobile gaming application that challenges users to hunt virtual 'Buffer Monsters' slowing down networks.

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Motivating Everyday Green Behavior With Real Rewards [Future Of Gaming]

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with Recyclebank, online platform that rewards individuals with points and cash rebates for making environmentally conscious decisions both on and offline.

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Game Mechanics That Drive People To Action: Rewards

Gaming systems are tapping into people's inherent desire to be rewarded for their positive behaviors, developing creative ways to connect real world actions with earning points or currency.

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Game Converts Profanity On Twitter Into Donations For Africa [Future Of Gaming]

SwearJar donates a preset amount of money to unicEF's efforts to combat famine in Africa every time a person tweets a curse word.

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Game Penalizes Exercisers For Failing To Get To The Gym [Future Of Gaming]

Gym-Pact is a start-up that works in collaboration with fitness centers in Boston to provide monetary disincentives for skipping the gym.

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Facilitating Donations To Charity Through Gaming [Future Of Gaming]

Snooze is a free alarm clock app that 'charges' a person 25 cents every time the snooze button is hit and donates that money to charity.

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Game Motivates Well-Being Through Financial Disincentives [Future Of Gaming] is a site that helps users commit to personal goals ranging from losing weight, to eating vegan, or becoming debt free.

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Game Mechanics That Drive People To Action: Money On The Line

Creative businesses are integrating financial risk into their service models to motivate individuals to complete their personal goals.

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Motivating Inter-Office Health Through A Competitive Game [Future Of Gaming]

Keas is an online platform that transforms inter-office health into a collaborative competition, motivating individual well-being by requiring participants to work together as a team to meet collective health goals.

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App Leverages Gaming Mechanic Of Peer Pressure To Embarrass Snoozers [Future Of Gaming]

OKITE is a free mobile app from Japanese developer Eureka that motivates users to wake up by threat of embarrassing, random 'tweets' broadcast across their social networks.

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Inter-App Game Pressures Runners To Stick To Their Run [Future Of Gaming]

Reebok has created a mobile app that informs an individual's Facebook friends and Twitter followers when a person has planned to go out for a run—and whether or not they actually do.

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Solar Charger Game Broadcasts Ecological Savings Across Social Networks [Future Of Gaming]

The Changers Solar Starter Kit is a solar charging system for personal electronics that broadcasts a user's ecological savings across their social network, allowing fellow users to pressure one another into reducing their CO2 footprint.

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Game Mechanics That Drive People To Action: Peer-Pressure

Game platforms are motivating people to stick to their promises and complete their goals by sharing individual actions on popular social networks and leveraging the pressures and accolades of their friends and peers.

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Prep School Students Compete In Real Life Game For Totaling Zero Emissions [Future Of Gaming]

The Kohler Environmental center is a live-in learning facility where teams of students compete with one another to see who can use the least amount of energy in their daily lives.

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Content Curators Compete In Game-Like Forum While Making Newsroom Contributions [Future Of Gaming]

Digg Newsrooms is a new channel introduced by the online content curator that uses both rewards and status as incentive for experts to help curate its topical channels.

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GPS Powered Fitness Games Use Social Motivation As Impetus [Future Of Gaming]

Pulswatch has created a GPS powered wearable smart sensor that allows users to set fitness goals, track their workouts and challenge one another to one of four interactive running games which spur continued exercise.

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Smart Metering Meets Social Networking In A Competitive Game [Future Of Gaming]

Greenpocket has developed a smartphone application that connects smart energy metering with social networking sites to create friendly competition with the positive result of less energy being used by everyone involved.

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Mechanics That Drive People To Action: One-Upsmanship

How do we keep people motivated as they attempt to reach their goals? Game developers are incorporating playful competition into their platforms, enabling people to compete amongst themselves and also the larger online community.

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